Photo Blanket

Photo blankets are growing in popularity. Now that almost everyone has a digital camera and film is only for the ultra-artistic hipster types, we can do so much more with our photos than in the past. We can turn them into T-shirts, birthday cakes, and now blankets. The problem? People think that what makes a good photo for the digital family photo album also makes a great blanket. Think about it. Isn’t it a little bit strange to have baby sleep with a blanket that has a big picture of himself on it? Or isn’t the idea of a young couple snuggling up on the couch to watch a movie with a blanket of themselves hugging on it? No, people. The idea might seem like a good one when you’re on the order page, but you don’t want a blanket you will never use because it’s creepy.

First, where to get your photo blanket? There are many services online that vary in price and efficiency. You can even order from Wal-Mart, but since you can expect to wait for shipping anyway, you should shop around. Find out what you can about the company. There are many reputable ones, and some that specialize specifically in photo blankets. Ok, so now we know where to get our photo blankets, let’s get to the good stuff.

Following are the top five ideas for getting a digital picture put on a photo blanket:

  • 1) Beautiful Vista/Landcape – This is a classic for beach towels, throws, and other things. A beautiful vista can make any place feel like a sunset on the beach, or a snow-covered cabin in the woods. This of course depends on what you will use the blanket for, a hot day at the beach, or a night curled up on the couch.
  • 2) Aquarium – Underwater pics are cool. Pictures of fish are cool. Combine these two elements with a trip to the local aquarium and you get fish underwater. Definitely a cool blanket.
  • 3) If you are the girly type, you might like flowers. A good close up of a flower makes for a fine blanket, and with you in control, you can take a pic of your favorite one!
  • 4) Cartoon characters. Do you like cartoon characters? Whether from your past or the present (or as a gift for the little one) you can use Google image search to find one of your old favorites.
  • 5) Sports Teams – Also with Google images, and this one’s for the guys, grab any digital picture of your favorite sports star? Why not go to sleep with under a blanket with a giant picture of Shaq going in for a dunk? I know I’d sleep easier.

Of course if the images don’t belong to you, you could get into big trouble for selling it to someone else. Please make sure they are for personal use only!

So that’s it. Do some research of your own and I’m sure you’ll come up with even better ideas. Be creative with your photo blanket!